Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Fake jennifer aniston. Stuff.

Fake jennifer aniston. Cool picz...

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Men everywhere think that Brad Pitt upgraded or downgraded when he left Jennifer for Angelina? I especially like to get a perspective of a young womans persepective, but women are also allowed to answer that. Personally Im not a fan of Jennifer Aniston I see more than a wall flower type plain Jane, while Angelina Jolie as a vibrant and exotic. I also appreciate what Angelina is doing to the world and it seems really genuine and not fake. Please give a full answer! P.S. If someone is going to openly bash any of these women mentioned above I do not want to pick the best answer, I care what you think of Angelina Brad get, or how you can also believe that Jennifer deserved to be betrayed, lets all be mature people we know who we are. Thank you!
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